Function WaitWObj not found


I have created in the past some Solutions using this function without any problems. But now every time I create a new solution, this function is not available.
Im using the IRB 5400 + conveyor tracking with RS 6.05 (robotware 6.05 also)

As you can see I have created the conveyor, then created the connection and added an object to it. The object was placed on the conveyor and attached..

But when I try to wait for the object, WaitWObj is not where it used to be.

Thank you in advance


  • Johannes WeimanJohannes Weiman ABB Sweden admin
    That is strange, it should be added automatically if 606-1 Conveyor Tracking is available. How did you create the controller?
    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
  • Kienan123Kienan123 Oregon
    edited January 8
    You will need to add it under Home>Path programming>Edit instruction templates.

    "Edit instruction templates" it the tab to the right of "Path Programming"

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