String input with teach pendant?

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Is there any means of allowing a user to input strings (or even better: select files) via the teach pendant in automatic mode using RAPID commands?

ABB's documentation says nothing about this topic. I wonder, if the teach pendant's capabilites (like, e.g. entering strings and browsing a directory structure for files) can be accessed using standard (or possibly not-so-standard?) RAPID programs.

Thanks for any help on this issue!



  • Hi

    I'm not quiete sure what you want to do but there are no instructions for reading text input from the teachpendant or browsing the file structure on the flashdisc. If you know what text string you are expecting you can define them as constants and connect them to the function buttons (ReadFK instruction) so you select the different text strings with number instead.


    If you have a PC connected to the controller you can always use WebWare SDK togheter with VisualBasic, VC++ ... to make a pc  application and then you will have the possibilities of text input, file browsing and so on.


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