Test running program from FlexPendant

bhanscombhanscom United States

I have an active program loaded into RS5.07 that I am trying to test run using the Virtual Flex Pendant without any success.  The problem is that when I try move the program pointer to the routine that I am trying to run, if I step through the routine, when I try to run a Move instruction, I get error messages stating that the client may not be in control and that required mastership could not be granted.

error message number: 20051

Could anyone explain what exactly is going on here and how to correct it?




  • Anders SAnders S Sweden mod

    Hi Brian,

    Unfortunately can this  sometimes happen in RS 5.07. Normally will a warmstart of the VirtualController solve it.

    We are working on this problem for future releases.



    Best regards,
    Anders Spaak
    ABB Robotics
  • ColeCole Australia
    I have been getting this problem with RS5.08 and warmstarts do not fix.

    Has anyone found what is causing it?

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  • sturnersturner United Kingdom ✭✭

    I am also getting this problm in 5.08.

    I can not run the program from the Flexpendant and get Client not in controll errors. Write Access has not been resquested in RSO and I am not testing reachability in the station.

    This is very very very annoying !

    I need an explanation what to do next!

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