Robot Web Services on multi VC

Hi all,

I started working with Robot Web Services a few days ago and, unfortunately, it seems that no one is really experienced in this kind of application.
Moreover, the documentation provided is very hard to understand cause there's no "getting started" section and it's really a pity.

I succeded on getting and modifying data beetwen a virtual controller and a client application (a browser) running on the same host. So far so good.
Troubles come when I try to do something more complicated (and realistic).
Here's the problems found:

  • I create a station with more than one system (for example two robots with 2 separated virtual controllers). When I try getting data form the two controllers i can reach only the first one. Looks like the second controller doesn't exist. Here's what the manual says about it:
Virtual Controller
VC (and RC) default socket port is 80, but can be changed to any number. To change the port number edit the appweb.conf file. see below. When running multiple VC on the same PC must at least one of the VC port numbers be changed.

      I opened the "appweb.conf" file but there are no references to the virtual controllers in my station. Any idea on how this file works and how to reach the second virtual controller?

  • When I work on the same host with VC and client application everything works fine but, when I try to reach the VC from a client running on another host (in the same network) i get the "RAPI Unidentified Error". I' wasn't able to understand why this happens considering that the authentication procedure works fine, exactly in the same way as when I work with VC and client on the same host.

Releasing Robot web services was a really good idea from ABB but the lack of good documentation is representing a big limitation in my opinion.
I hope they will soon release good manuals like they did for RAPID.

Anyone has experienced the same problems yet? Can anyone help me?

Thanks in advance
Best regards


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