Robotware compatibility error with IRC5


Recently I install Robotstudio 6 and robotware (same version) to control 2 industrial robots: IRB140, IRB360 and IRB2400. Those robot controllers have a old RobotWare version, hence I can't work in offline mode until robotware upgrade was made. 

I try to upgrade RobotWare version into IRC5 controllers with System Builder and Instalation Manager, but those procedures were unsuccessful because I need robotware license for real controller. I try to have support from ABB Brazil but after 1 week I dont have any answer to help with that issue.

I did C-start in one IRC5 controller and delete all system (IRB360) and now only have a operational system with IRC5 controller of IRB140 robot. Our university bought 3 industrial robots for research but We cant't work suitably because ABB support isn't closer with that issue.

I appreciate your help.