ToolData as a parameter

I'm trying to pass a tool into a parameter for example:  PROC TestProgram(PERS tooldata TempTool)  and the call would be "TestProgram (tTool);" I don't get any syntax errors but I do get a compile error saying that tTool is not a PERS but it is. 

Argument error(123): Argument for 'PERS' parameter tTool is not a persistent reference or is read only.

Is it possible to pass tooldata into a PROC as a parameter?


  • ko414du4ko414du4 UK
    edited October 2017
    Hi Shawndietrich,

    Yes it's possible. I had a success with this one below. The error was because the syntax of calling the routine is incorrect (use of brackets: brackets are for calling functions), such as passingToolDataTrial(myTool) instead of passingToolDataTrial myTool.  

    Result is shown below as well.

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