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IO, reading Group output // big endianness PLC ( siemens s7 1200 )


I'm fairly new to Profinet / PLC programming.<br>We're working on integrating with a s7 1200 PLC, which has big endianess, whereas IRC5 has little endianness.
One way is to resolve this through the `READ_LITTLE` cmd in the PLC's SCL language.

This means effectively "shadowing" your remote IO / signals read over Profinet.
Is there a better way / is this a correct or elegant way of handling this (AFAIK there is no way to control the endianness of IO)?
I realize the Siemens s7 1500 does support little endianness, so perhaps this is more painless / worth the extra cost.


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  • msalminen
    msalminen ✭✭
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    Define your robot group signals mapping different way. e.g. instead of mapping 0-15 use mapping 8-15,0-7. This is how I do it.



  • I just tried it in robotstudio, Map your signals backwards from how we usually do it.  Instead of 0-7 and 8-15 for two, eight bit groups, do 7-0 and 15-8.  I think that may have been what msalminen was trying to say.
    Lee Justice
  • Gents, many thanks to both of you, that helps a huge deal...