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Question CBC - Reduced Max Speed

I have question concerning CBC.
The "Reduced Max Speed" of the CBC is set at the moment that the brake test interval has expired.
Does this mean that the max speed will automatically be reduced when the interval has expired?
Or will my program keep running at the programmed speed, while the "reduced max speed" is activated, causing the safety mechanism to stop the robot?

The problem we face is that when the Max CBC test interval expires over the weekend, when the production is not running, the CBC can not be executed automatically through the pre warning signal. On Monday when production resumes the CBC has to be performed manually through the flexpendant.
"Only Warning, No Stop" is activated.

What is the correct way of addressing this problem?



  • Willem
    Anyone? :)
  • May be make your own day counter in RAPID to run the CBC on a day that suits you (eg, weekly, monthly)?
  • Willem
    But you would have to be 100% sure about a certain moment in a week/month that the installation would be running.
    If not, the counter still expires.
  • A warning message on the pendant some days before?
  • steve42
    Unfortunately the Max warning time is 11 hours and therefore may expire over a weekend. We solved this by triggering the CBC check using an external PLC  and PLC timer to coincide with production / rest periods at a time way before the expiry time.
    we set the CBC Time to 720 hours (Max) so it shouldn't run out before the PLC triggers CBC and resets the timer.