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Signal Analyzer Online error

Hello everyone,

I am new to RobotStudio and RobotWare and I have been facing some issues while trying to use the Signal Analyzer Online tool on an IRB360 and this is the error message I've been getting:
"Signal Analyzer Online not supported for controllers that are part of a station".

The RobotWare installed version is the 5.61 and the RobotStudio 6.05.02.
For setting up the Controller x PC communication I'm using the Ethernet cable connection and the One Click Connect on RobotStudio.
After this, I'm Requesting Write Access, followed by setting up the signals I'd like to acquire and finally start recording. But once I try to run the programmed RAPID on the real robot, I get this error.

Is this procedure correct?
Has anyone ever had a similar problem?
Could you help me solve this?

Thank you!


  • Wojtek_L
    I think this means that your RobotWare doesn't support Signal Analyzer Online.