Seemingly random inverted signal

nezzrethnezzreth Wheeling, IL USA
Of the 30 or so ABB robots at my plant, maybe once or twice a month a random DO gets inverted and therefore stuck ON. 
A warm-start always fixes the issue but on certain machines it's more common.
Does anyone know how or why this would happen?
Could it be some weird interaction with a PLC?
Does it have to do us using the pulse instruction?


  • Knud E LindbergKnud E Lindberg Denmark ✭✭
    It is properly the pulse command.The pulse command inverse the status of the signal.

    Knud Erik Lindberg
    ABB Denmark
  • nezzrethnezzreth Wheeling, IL USA
    I know that the PulseDO instruction inverts the signal.

    What I want to know is why does the signal sometimes stay inverted after a pulse of a few seconds.

    When the pulse ends, the signal should revert back to its original state.

    That happens 99.9999% of the time.

    I'm looking for the answer about the other 0.0001% 
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