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ABB S4C-Robotstudio-ROS communication and control

1. we have abb s4c controller installed with robotware 4.0. the robotstudio version is 6.0. Are these versions compatible with each other? which version of robot studio to use with robotware 4.0.
2. for controlling the ABB IRB 6650s robot in robotstudio simulation, we are ROS moveit package. ROS moveit package sends the trajectory point to the virtual controller running in robotstudio and then the robot simulates the trajectory. Is robotstudio necessary for sending the trajectory command? Is there any direct way to send trajectory directly to the controller from ROS.


  • While you can check your RAPID program in the current version of RobotStudio it is not directly compatible with  RW4 and earlier systems (RobotStudio 4 is what you would use for this).

    I am not familiar with ROS but have heard of direct control with IRC5 controllers.