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Signal Analyzer Online - not displaying signals


I'm having some trouble working with Signal Analyzer Online. The signals do not display in the Signal Analyzer view nor plot any graphs. The procedure I'm using is to first connect to the controller via one-click, then select the signals I'd like to use, start the recording, and then finally run the real routine. Am I potentially overlooking a step here? 

I've read on the forum that this functionality to display signals online was disabled due to a vulnerability for version 5.05 or so, has it been enabled on the newer releases? 

I'm using RobotStudio 6.05 and RobotWare 6.05. 



  • Hi Jay C,

    This is some general information about how Signal Analyzer Online is/should work. Remember that you only get signal updates when signal changes and if their hasn't been any change there will not be any new values.

    In order for the Signal Analyzer Online to work do the following:

    - Establish good connection with controller (if connecting over network doesn't work try connecting directly through service port and make sure no errors are shown)

    - Make sure that chosen signals are active and changing in values (you are allowed to record max 12 signals at the same time)

    - Make sure that you use the latest RobotStudio version

    - Make sure the robot program is running/executed

    - In some cases when the network is overloaded/congested the Signal Analyzer Online will not work

    Best Regards,