Robotstudio 6.06 attach to performance problems

Snampo Nederland

I'm having problems attaching parts to other objects in RS 6.06. This problem seems to be related to the amount of nested component groups present in the station. In 6.05.7502.1049 the dialog in the picture takes about a second or so to pop-up:

This is the same dialog in RS 6.06, after a few minutes of waiting:

This problem occurs in multiple large (>200MB) stations of mine, whether created in RS 6.05 or 6.06. The program seems to be stuck in a loop and is fully loading 1 core of my CPU.
The problem seems to be related to nested component groups: When I nest component groups the performance of opening the dialog starts dropping rapidly.

While I like the feature of knowing to which part I attach something (the /component/group1/part1 in the dialog, new in RS 6.06) the performance drop means I cannot use RS 6.06 right now. 

I would like to request either a regression to  6.05.7502.1049 behaviour, or a bugfix in the next SP of RS 6.06, preferably quickly ;-)




  • Johannes Weiman
    Johannes Weiman ABB Sweden admin
    This will be addressed in RS 6.06.01.

    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics