How can i visualize a point cloud of an attached item to my robot?

Austint5Austint5 Blacksburg Virginia

I am using the 6640-185 robot and i have an attached mount fixed to its last joint. Is there a way i can visualize the a point cloud that the attached mount moves through to find the total volume it can reach? Currently i am fixing specific angles of the robot and moving the mount around to find the max movement of the mount in the x y and z orientations and recording them, but this is long and there are errors from the process. Thank you for any help


  • Henrik BerlinHenrik Berlin Sweden ✭✭✭
    If you use RobotStudio for IRC5 you can download and use the PartTrace add-in from RobotApps to create the total swept volume. For RobotStudio 4, this function is not available.
    Henrik Berlin
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