Rapid Instruction for Deleting a backup created by save instruction

gkumargkumar Montreal Canada

I am new to programming Robots, especially ABB. I am in a situation wherein I have to do automatic backup of the controller everyday and have it stored in the memory card on the controller. I have a routine that's triggered once everyday and does the backups using "save" instruction. However over time there is too many backups on the card and it says out of memory. I need a hack to get this done. My backup frequency cannot be changed and its everyday. I am looking for any instruction that might help me to delete the backup after a month or whenever the memory is full the oldest backup is overwritten. Please give me your suggestions. 



  • MathewMathew Australia

    In order to avoid this why can't you do this automatic back up in the external network drive connected to the robot controller instead of internal memory card. By the way I am also in the process of doing the same but not in the internal memory card but in the external hard drive. Can you share the routine where you used the Save instruction to save the backup. Thanks

  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
    1. get a huge USB flash drive, set a reminder to delete backups every year.
    2. create 60 backup signals that are set to overwrite the backup, then incr counter, and trigger one of the signals each day
    3. attempt to RemoveDir of current month minus a month, handle the error if directory not found
  • lemster68lemster68 United States ✭✭✭
    I posted some code I wrote in response to "logging to a file".  Look at it for the code which checks file system free space/total space.  Should help you get that part cleared up.
    Lee Justice
  • gkumargkumar Montreal Canada

    The Automatic Backup is done using the controller configuration. In the I/O system of the controller there is 7 signals (one for each day) coming from the PLC to the Robot. Right Now I have enabled the overwrite option so that I don't run out of memory. But when I did this I have reduced the span of backup to 7 days. I need to store backups for atleast 180 days as per my companies requirement. If I have to do that then I need 180 signals from the PLC for each of the 180 days. 

    The backups are don on the sites where we do not have a server access. Also the option to use an external USB is not recommended by my company. So the only option I have is to store it on the memory card of controller.
  • soupsoup USA ✭✭✭
    1. USB flash drive would be in the cabinet, right next to the memory card...
    2. 180 signals isn't the too hard, save the EIO file out, copy/paste a bunch, import back in, use a number to incr the signal to toggle.
    3. start playing with checking dates and RemoveDir...
  • gkumargkumar Montreal Canada
    Thank you for the answers. 
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