Vision calibration grid

Hi,<br><br>New to the world of Yumi and trying to start work with the vision system (we have integrated vision in both arms), I'm struggling to find the <b>calibration grid</b> image that is required to get the initial setup started.<br><br>I'm sure its something simple i'm missing but any help from the community is appreciated.<br><br>Regard,<br>


  • drm0hr
    drm0hr Ontario, Canada

    From the integrated vision manual:

    There are preprinted calibration plates located under the RobotStudio installation folder. These may be used if it is not possible to enter the calibration wizard when printing:
    C:\...\ABB Industrial IT\Robotics IT\RobotStudio x.xx\Bin\Addins\IntegratedVision\PDF Grids

    Notice that the calibration patterns are all on ISO paper sizes, so if you are in North America they will be probably be scaled to letter or legal size. You will need to measure the actual printed size of the squares and enter that into the Robotstudio camera calibration wizard.