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ABB.connectivity.contracts.dll and ConnectivitySmartComponent: one way signals only

Dear All,

Only signals from virtual VAC500 PLC to virtual IRC5 (not vice versa) is working for me in an entirely virtual environment of RobotStudio (RS) and Automation Builder (AB). Not RS -> PLC. Has anyone encoutered this problem? 

My master thesis in Robotics depends on being able to solve this problem! ABB has tried to help, without success until today.

For virtual commissioning in a RS and AB environment several things are needed: On top of RS and AB premium licenses a virtual commissioning licence is needed, ConnectivitySmartComponent and compatible abb.connectivity.contracts.dll . The dll that works one way (as above mentioned), I copied from the folder of AB VAC500 executable to RS “bin” and “bin64” folders. I got other ..contracts.dll and SC:s from ABB as an attempt to help. These generate a “Code behind exception” error in RS message log: this happens on 2 - 3 computers RS 6.03 and 6.05. And failure to import SC error. 

I would suggest that ABB makes public guidance what to install, from where and how to use and troubleshoot virtual IRC <-> AutomationBuilder Virtual VAC500 PLC connections and signals. 

Thank you!