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Production Screen App Failure


i am attempting to develop an application on the flexpendant to be accessed with production screen
first, i developed the app in screen maker with flexpendant sdk version 6.115

i changed the production setup xml file (see highlighted code in attached link below)
and moved the .gtpu.dll and .dll files into the tsp folder..(Home/prodscr/tsp folder)

and i get this error (picture in link below)
where the null is directly related to my assembly type

i do not have Flexpendant interface but i am to believe i do not need it in order to run applications in the production screen...
is this assumption correct?

if it is, What should my assembly and type be in the xml file?

my robobt studio version is 6.06.01
my controller version is

Thank you and Regards,


  • Hello,

    Have you find the solution? Same problem in here...
  • Micky
    Micky ✭✭✭
    Hello Kris,

    for your info, the folder name is called "Home:ProdScr/tps".

    In your app configuration you have to set the element <SystemApp> to 'false', because you want to use our own app.

    In our project we are using the Screenmaker DLL without the GTPU in the name.

    The type element should contain the namespace (Project name in ScreenMaker) and the screen name which should be started (e.g. MainScreen)
    <App><br>      <Name>Gripper</Name><br>      <<b>SystemApp</b>><b>false</b></SystemApp><br>      <AutoLaunch>false</AutoLaunch><br>      <Index>3</Index><br>      <Assembly>TpsView<b>A03_grp_gui</b>.dll</Assembly><br>      <Type><b>A03_grp_gui</b>.<b>A03_grp_Manually</b></Type><br>      <Image>A03_Gripper.png</Image><br>      <AlertSignal /><br>      <ErrorSignal /><br>      <InData /><br>    </App>

    Maybe the information will help.

    Best regards

  • It actually helped a lot...

  • PalnaBodiwala
    I had a problem with the real controller, whenever I try to download my new screen maker project into the flexpendant (real controller) it downloads perfectly fine but after doing any change in the file it never replaces the old file with the new file. 

    my screen maker version is 6.11.151
    and controller version is