Should the Axis Resolver Values on the label & the Motor Calibration Offset Values be same?


I have noticed that the Motor Calibration offset values displayed in the pendant is not same as the Axis Resolver values in the label pasted on the arm and at the same time the status of the robot and controller memory is shown as Valid. After  that, I was trying to set up a new system from my backup from a different robot but the system goes into system failure after I restore the system from my back up. I have changed the relevant parameters in MOC.cfg such as Serial Number and the Calibration offset values.  In the error log, I have errors like "Unsync due to CFG data", " Joint not Synchronized" and "Robot Memory Data Difference". I am unable to proceed further because of the problem.


  • It is not good practice to restore a backup from one robot into another. If they are of the same type (ie both IRB2600 robots), and of the same generation (ie M2006) then this could work OK. If you want to use the program from another robot you should just load the program/modules (possibly the EIO configuration file as well though there are differences in this file between year models as well) as this will leave the system configuration files intact.

    For the "Robot Memory Data Difference" use the tool in the calibration menu to bring the SMB data across to the controller (I am assuming from your description that the SMB data was OK before you restored the backup from the other robot).

    The other errors are solved by updating the rev counters.

  • Karthik
    Thanks for your reply... I was able to solve most of these problems. Can you please clarify my basic doubt whether the Axis calibration values pasted on the robot and the calibration offset values in the SMB memory must be the same ?
  • If the motor or gearbox has not be changed, then yes the calibration offset values in the moc file (also displayed/editable in the calibration menu), and smb memory should all be the same.