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Hello everyone,

I hope you had a wonderful Christmas and an amazing New Year.

So here is my issue

During our Saw routine the operators have the ability to open the grippers to drop the part being cut. If they do not close the grippers back and push play then they will saw the gripper in half.

What I want to do:

If the grippers are opened during the Saw Cut routine I want to:

Close the Grippers

Remove the Robot from the Saw Routine

Send the Robot back to the previously defined offset that it was at prior to that one cut occurring

Send the Robot home

Set back to main to allow for the next part to come inline

We have a lot of different saw routines and I am not sure where to put the code. Should I encompass each routine with the code?

Here is an example of one of our Saw Routines

PROC Warmer_19()

MoveJ pSawApproach18_19,v1000,z20,tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw; 

MoveL Offs(p19Warmer_Cut_End,-250,0,-100), v500, z40, tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw;

MoveL Offs(p19Warmer_Cut_End,-80,0,-80), v300, z0, tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw; 

MoveL p19Warmer_Cut_End, Saw_Slow, fine, tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw; 

MoveL Offs(p19Warmer_Cut_End,-150,-5,0), v500, z5, tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw;

MoveL Offs(p19Warmer_Cut_End,-300,0,0), v500, z40, tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw; 

MoveJ pSawApproach18_19, v1000, z50, tGripper\WObj:=wobj_Saw;

MoveJ pTo_Saw,v1000,z100,tGripper;




TPWrite "An error occured";




Thank you for any help that you can provide!

God Bless,


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