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ArcWelding 6.06 and Robotstudio 6.06 Problems

thread 1:
hello i tried to use arcwelding power pack 6.06 and robotstudio 6.06. if i want to add a AbjJoint to a path, the ArcWelding Power Pack is frozen. I cant control other things.
also the path points are grewed out, i can't click them. 
thread 2:
a customer of us uses windows 10 with arc welding power pack 6.04.01. if he wants to add a edge as a welding path, he has some control elements not shown in the form (for example delete an edge, choose the direction, change the sequence).
does someone knowing how to solve those threads?


  • thread 2:
    i've got an idea from the swiss robotics support, that this must be adjusted in the display settings of windows. we choosed there 100% instead of 150% and tried again, but it haven't worked. still the same problem.