FlexPendant Touch Screen Problem

Hi everyone,

I have a SX-TPU1,all functions works but touch screen not works.I have tested touch screen ok! motherboard not ok.
What chould be the problem?I'm waiting for your help.

Thank you..


  • darcyrandall2004darcyrandall2004 Perth, Australia
    I have the same Flexpendant. Mine the calibration is way off. I touch the screen and a button elsewhere gets activated. I have tried the 3 rights 1 left the down with the joystick and the stop plus button IIII after turning on but this did not work. I have opened the unit and , replaced the touch screen controller IC and confirmed it works with a multimeter, it appears to me, this is an ABB software issue. I will be sending my unit to ABB to have them correct what looks to me to be a software bug.
  • graemepaulingraemepaulin New Zealand ✭✭✭

    The GTPU1 FlexPendant screen calibration can not be started using the stop and III buttons only on GTPU3 (maybe the GTPU2 not sure).

    If you have RobotWare 5.07.08, 5.08.04, 5.09.03 or later you can calibrate the screen from the control menu, there is also a console command that can be used if the calibration is so bad you can not access the menu (again only if you have the above RW versions or later).

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