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Suggestion: Jog in Freehand puts selection to "Mechanism Selection"

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I would like to suggest that when you choose "Jog" in Home -> Freehand. Selection is set to "Mechanism Selection" instead of "Part Selection". Since you can't jog a part, only a Mechanism ;)

I also suggest that when rotation is chosen in freehand it's set to "Local" in the drop-down menu.



  • I'm not sure how that would work. For Joint jog you have to select the link to jog, and the links consist of parts. Linear/Reorient jog work the same whether the mechanism or any part in it is selected.

    I agree that freehand rotation needs improvement; it should always rotate around the local origin;

    Johannes Weiman
    Software Engineer
    RobotStudio Team, ABB Robotics
  • That is very true, i was mostly thinking about Linear/Reorient jog to auto set to "Mechanism Selection", jog Joint, as you say, need "Part selection" to work.