Painting Power Pac 6.06, no manual paint path?

Is there no way of creating manual paint paths in painting power pac 6.06?? I can create a path then add set brushes manually, but this will not include my approach/depart offsets etc. defined in path parameters? This worked in 6.04 using the manual paint stroke function.


  • Neily03
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    While it's great having the new powerpac and there does seem to be many good features and I really like that it's all now in one tab instead of 3 the loss of the manual paintpath option is a big problem for us.  While I can see how the autopath could be good for large flat parts like car bodies and bonnets but it simply does not work for what we paint, which are multiple (sometime 50 per jig) small complex parts.  I've attached a screenshot of an example of the sort of parts we paint.

  • Sudarshan


    It is good to learn that you are working with the new version of Painting PowerPac.

    As you have noticed, several new functions are introduced with the new user interface, some existing functions are deprecated / replaced / enhanced, e.g. Brush specification, Manual PS etc.

    We do plan to re-introduce Manual paint stroke in the upcoming 6.07 version.

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  • Neily03
    Thanks for you reply Sudershan,

    I have also been in contact with ABB UK about this and some other issue's we're seeing with the PowerPac.  Any ideas on when we're likely to see 6.07 as we have have a lot of new upcoming projects from our customer Jaguar Land Rover and without the Manual PS option we're going to have some problems.

    Overall though the new PowerPac is looking very good and we're looking forward to seeing it progress further.

    Thanks again