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Painting PowerPac 6.06 & conveyor tracking

We have an issue with the latest painting powerpac in that conveyor tracking seems to fail after running once.  First problem is sometimes the conveyor does start then starting the simulation so we have to start, stop then restart it.  The next issue is it doesn't drop the work and just runs the program on the same jig again and then we we try to restart and clear the conveyor it completely deletes the attached object from the station.....


  • Just to add to this we have none of these problems if we don't open the powerpac and run the simulation from the simulation tab....
  • Hello Neily,

    I am not very sure why this is happening, the Reset and Clear options in PPP are the same functions as in RobotStudio.

    Not as a solution, but you can try the following

    - Uncheck the option "Clear Conveyor before Simulation starts" under 

    File -> Options -> Painting -> Simulation



  • Hi Sudarshan,

    I have two options, "Clear queue before simulation" and "Reset conveyor before simulation".  I've tried it with both checked and unchecked and it's made no difference.  I have sent a pack and go of the station to my contact and ABB UK and he saw the same behavior and he did note that station is running robotware 5.14.1032.1 which he thinks might be a problem but we have other stations running 5.15.9109.11 and have the same problems....
  • Unfortunately we've had to revert back to the Painting PowerPac 6.04.01 due to the conveyor tracking issues in 6.06 making it unuseable with 6 of our 7 stations.......