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Interface a smart component and an Add-in


I was wondering how you would go about creating a sort of user interface to control a smartcomponent.  For example lets say we have a smart component that represents an equipment that behaves as it would on the floor.  I want to create a replica of an HMI for that equipment, a UI, that will control the "equipment" as an operator would on the floor.  I was thinking you could create an add-in where all the graphical objects would sit, but then how do I interface it with a smart component?

Many Thanks!


  • scottdf93
    SmartComponent smartComp = (SmartComponent)station.GetAllObjects().First(x => x.TypeDisplayName == "SmartComponent" && x.DisplayName == "YourSmartComponentName");

    This will return your smart component object, you can then drive bindings and IO directly from the add in using this