Syncing paths to Station doesn't keep instructions

bwinter714bwinter714 Portsmouth, New Hampshire
Hi all, 

I've dealt with this for a while, but was wondering if I was just doing something wrong. 

I have a lot of simple spray paths that I've created using the TP on the RC, then synced to my VC. This is a very imprecise path, as they just want to use a couple different spray patterns for multiple parts. 

So I basically took the path I've created, and used a temporary uFrame and translated the oFrame in the direction I needed by whatever step distance was needed using a FOR loop to get the iterations needed. That step distance is configurable by the user, and so is the iteration count. This user configuration is why I just don't use RS to create paths with fixed points at offsets I choose, and not use a FOR loop modifying the uFrame with each pass. I create the path, create the loops, etc. There are multiple paths per part, so each program has 3 loops and transition points to get from one path to the others. See example:

        MoveJ pSAFE_POS_5,v200,fine,tool0\WObj:=wobj0;

        FOR nReps FROM 1 TO nZSteps DO
        MoveJ T737SD_R_T6_P10,sBlastSpeed,fine,tBWBlastTool\WObj:=wobj737Temp_Slot6;
         and so on...
         wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.z:= wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.z-nZstepDist;
        MoveJ T737SD_L_T6_P10,sBlastSpeed,fine,tBWBlastTool\WObj:=wobj737Temp_Slot6;

        FOR nReps FROM 1 TO nZSteps DO
       MoveL T737SD_L_T6_P20,sBlastSpeed,z50,tBWBlastTool\WObj:=wobj737Temp_Slot6;
         and so on...
            wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.z:= wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.z-nZstepDist;
        MoveJ T737SD_T_T6_P10,sBlastSpeed,z50,tBWBlastTool\WObj:=wobj737Temp_Slot6;

        FOR nReps FROM 1 TO nXSteps DO
        MoveJ T737SD_T_T6_P10,sBlastSpeed,fine,tBWBlastTool\WObj:=wobj737Temp_Slot6;
         and so on...
            wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.x:= wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.x-nXstepDist;
        MoveL T737SD_T_T6_P60,sBlastSpeed,z50,tBWBlastTool\WObj:=wobj737Temp_Slot6;
         and so on...
            wobj737Temp_Slot6.oframe.trans.x:= wobj737Temp_slot6.oframe.trans.x-nXstepDist;
        MoveJ pSAFE_POS_4_2,v200,fine,tool0\WObj:=wobj0;

The table has multiple positions that I am just recreating the paths, moved in some -Y distance. 

When moving to a different part at a different table position, I was using the pDispSet, and an external axis offset that is == the displacement frame direction (robot is mounted on a rail) to keep the same orientation and basically re-use the initial path. The problem is when I get to the extents of the table, I can no longer keep the same orientation of the robot because of the rail length.  So I sync the path to the station, copy the path to a new path, offset the points, redo the configurations, and then sync back to RAPID. The problem is that all of the loops and offset commands are gone, I have to use a code snippet I made, insert the snippet and move the points in the paths into the correct loops (without screwing up the order), insert the transition points, etc all manually. 

If I sync my path, then redo the points WITHOUT copying to a new path, then sync back to RAPID, I don't lose my instructions. However, I want to copy the main path to new paths in the Station, because it is easier to organize/visualize, rename the points, adjust the points for all positions then resync back to RAPID all at once. 

Is there a way to just sync my main path, copy that path into a new path, modify the points then re-sync back to RAPID without losing any of the instructions? I'm almost done with this series of programs but I have many, many, more to do, and it would save me a huge amount of time. 

Thanks all! 



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