Smart gripper issue "check the connection of hand"

Hello everybody,

I simulate Yumi and smart gripper in robot studio (6.06 demo)

RW 6.06.
Smart gripper version 3.53

When I open virtual flexpendant and press caliber or Jog+
I always get the following message
"Action not completed! Please check the connection of hand!"
I can press flange on of in the configuration windows,

How can I fix this issue
Thank you.


  • I have the same problem.  Tried to install the smart grippers again but it didn't work.

  • YuGo
    YuGo Italy - SSG
    Hi @bbqa01
    is not an issue because the SmartGripper are an Ethernet/IP devices that communicate with the robot. Since you are running a virtual controller this device is not responding. Is the same thing of have a virtual station with a PLC that communicate throught Ethernet/IP protocol: the PLC is not present so it will not respond to the commands. Actually there isn't any SmartComponents that simulate the smartgripper for RobotStudio.

    Hoping this is clear, regards