additional mediapools/products

I have a problem opening a backup in robotstudio.

The error is:

Could not find a version of product distribution that is compatible with abb.robotics.robotware

The backup is from a flex arc abb robotic cell, I have allso coppied all additional files that are in the controller.
The system has additional products which ist FlexArc and CalibrationTools.
Is there a way to open this system offline?


  • Liam_ABBLiam_ABB Sweden admin

    The required mediapool files should have been supplied with the system on an options disc. Once you have that you can install them in RobotStudio using the 'Install Package' button in the Add-Ins tab, you should then be able to create a system in RobotStudio from the backup.

  • I've recived the options disc. In the arc addin was a *rmf file, also the *rpk but the calibration tool package had only the *rmf file and I can't install the addin. 
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