Distributed Package - Access Denied Between Multiple Users

Paul330 ✭✭
We have a powerful desktop computer that is shared between different user logins all using a shared licence of RobotStudio (RS). All users apart from the original user who installed RS have access denied while trying to start virtual controllers. Looking through the RS manual (Distribution Package) it's possible to allow users access to robotware (RW) by changing the location of downloaded packages but this is having no effect. The packages are being downloaded to the new location but RS still reports access denied and fails to open the station.

What needs to be done/setup to allow multiple user logins to open the same stations and virtual controllers?


  • Shell
    Shell Spain
    edited March 2018
    See this: https://forums.robotstudio.com/discussion/10661/security-update-for-windows-10-causes-problems-for-robotstudio#latest

    I don't know if this error is fixed right now, the latest robotstudio version fixes it, but if you are running an old robotstudio version and you have that security update installed then you cannot connect to a real controller or a virtual one (access denied error). If this is the case, uninstall the update or install the latest robotstudio version.

    If you are not using windows 10 maybe a screenshot of the error can help.
  • Johannes Weiman
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    Have you changed "Unpacked RobotWare location" to a directory that is accessible by all users?
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  • Paul330
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    I'm currently running version 6.06.01. I've checked with our IT dept. and used a location that is read/write accessible to any user and still cannot start the controller........Access to path 'XXXXXXX' is denied. It's interesting every user's attempt always searches for the user's 'AppData' who installed RS.
  • Paul330
    Paul330 ✭✭
    Installing the latest release from your website has worked. Thanks.