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How to attach a mechanism to the gripper?


I've got problem with attaching mechanism (smart component) to my gripper.
I want to attach box to vacuum gripper, and then the box should be closed.
The box was created as mechanism and then it was prepared in Smart Component tab to work properly.

Gripper works good, because I've checked it on ordinary parts made in Solid.
Gripper detects parts through Plane Sensor, but when the box should be detected, Attacher do not attaches an object to the gripper.

Have you ever had problem with something like this?
I would be very grateful for help.


  • Sergio Puime
    Hi Michal.

    The plane sensor is in contact with the gripper??. Do you unchecked the option "detectable by Sensors" in the gripper??

  • michal_rok
    Hi Sergio,

    The plane sensor is not in contact to the gripper. It is only attached to the gripper, to move along with it.
    The option "detectable by sensors" is checked.

    I figured it out by setting child (this smart box) in attacher permanently, but it works only with this part.
    When I would like to attach new object, this solution will not work.

  • Sergio Puime
    The child in the attacher has to be the sensed part of the plane sensor and you have to execute the attacher when the plane sensor SensorOut