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how to store a triggdata type variable

I want to store a triggdata type variable , and call different triggdata in different cases, for:
    var triggdata  a{999};
    var triggdata  b;
    var triggdata  c;
    TriggL p,v,a{1},z,t\WObj:=wobj0;

But I can;'t just use a "=" , because triggdata is NON-VALUE type, so I don't know how to store a triggdata type, anyone knows that ? THANK YOU!


  • haining
    haining China
    I find a way to solve this , after TCP reached target point , triggIO will set the output , so I can use if instruction see which signal has been set, restore a num value, when I need to call the relative triggdata I just need to see the value of num, and doing the right Trigg .but this kind of way has a very clear shortage, I can't get the set output without reaching target point , So robot get interrupted during moving, I still can't record the triggdata, sad.
  • haining
    haining China
    And another question, RS can use pointer ?
    such as 
    char *p , like C ?
    I don't see any data type like this
  • haining
    haining China
    OK I found TriggDataCopy 
    I should have read instructions more carefully
  • haining
    haining China
    I found TriggDataCopy instruction in RW6 , but it doesn't exist in RW5