Gripping with targetPos

Hi everyone,

I have just started using a YuMi robot with a smart gripper (SG-440). I have problems with the g_GripIn command in RAPID. I need to set the gripping position precisely on a flexible workpiece. I should squeeze it a bit in order to grip properly. I try to set the position with targetPos argument, but the gripper ignores it completely. Only the holdForce has an effect on it, so now the gripper is closing until the force is reached (or close completely). About 4-5N the gripping is more or less okay, but I don't want to play with the force (not reliable), I want to set the position.
The g_MoveTo method works so the calibration is okay. But as far as I know, I can't apply force with it. (The gripper stops when the workpiece is reached.)
Details: IRB14000 Gripper Software v3.53 and RobotWare 6.06

Thank you for your time!