RS 6.07 new I/O-Configurator

daniel72 Germany
edited May 2018 in UpFeed
First of all many thanks and great praise for your own I/O-configurator. Finally, not having to work with the awful KW-Software is a pleasure.
First impression of your concept is very good! Two things your developers should look at:
1. If you accidentally close the windows "Properties" or "Device Catalog" in the I / O Configurator by clicking the cross symbol in that windows, both windows disappear and never come back. Repair of RS does not help.  Also uninstalling and reinstalling RS does not help (because the registy does not seem to be cleaned up properly). I had to install RS on a clean windows-image-to solve this problem!
2. If a group signal is defined in the signal editor and you first write the mapping 16-32 and the signal type still is "di" or "do" shows the mapping is red, if you now change "di" on "gi" mapping remains red, you must first delete mapping entry and rewrite again to become red off