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Tool with several mechanisms and TCPs

I want to create a tool, with three parallel arms that should be able to be moved in a prismatic fashion (forwards/backwards). The two outer arms have a single gripper each, while the middle arm has two grippers (with a relative angle of 90 degrees). Each gripper needs a dedicated TCP.

I can make three separate tools with a mechanism and a TCP, but they can't be joined into a single tool with separate TCPs later. Even if that was possible I'd still miss a second TCP for the middle arm. If I first create a tool with the needed TCPs it's not possible to access the links later if I want to make one or more mechanisms for the tool. Is what I want to do even possible?


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    Okay, so I've made a solution that should almost work: I Made three tools with mechanisms, and a tool with a dummy-body for the second gripper on the middle arm. I threw all of that into a smart component and made my logic. The only problem now is that I can only set one tool as "role". So that means that it still won't work. Is there any way to change "set as role" between tools as the program runs in RAPID?