Signal Analyser Online dosen't work RS 6.07

ErikHagman Göteborg Sweden

Have tried 32 and 64 bit but Signal Analyzer doesn't seem to be working. Anyone else with this problem?


  • Dmitry
    Dmitry ABB Latvia
    It is not working for me also, and not only in 6.07, but in 6.05 and 6.06 also (dont have older versions). Tried also on a PC without firewall. I just don't understand why it is not working, Online Monitor is working fine, I also see tcp packets in Wireshark with data, but nothing in RobotStudio. Pure magic, how it is supposed to work then... It must be straightforward.
  • DavidR
    DavidR Sweden
    Hasn't been working for me either for quite a while. Me and some of my colleagues have tried several times over the last year or so but without luck.
  • Amol
    Amol India
    Hello everyone,if i am using the virtual controller then signal analyzer reads and shows the graph for TCP speed but when connecting to service port of actual controller then trying to read the TCP speed over RS 6.06.01 but not seen any values.if anybody finds the solution please share.
  • DavidR
    DavidR Sweden
    I think Signal Analyser has been fixed since 6.07.01.