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External Axis Track - configuration for smooth motion


I am wondering if anyone has any advice regarding how to achieve "smooth" motion with an external axis track. Specifically, are there motion configuration parameters which are useful for controlling the acceleration and jerk?

We've had success reaching smooth and gentle motion of the actual robot itself by implementing AccSet, PathAccLim, Motion config etc, so I was hoping there could a similar solution with the external track. So far I have tried altering the "Acceleration_Data" values, but without a better idea of what these parameters are actually doing it's difficult to say what impact this had had. 

Currently the external axis Acceleration_Data parameters are:
Nominal Acceleration: 1.0
Nominal Deceleration: 1.25
Acceleration Derivative Ratio: 1.0
Deceleration Derivative Ratio: 1.0

My interpretation is that the Derivative Ratio is the rate of change of acceleration (Jerk). By lowering the rate of acceleration, out track motion should be more closely resembling the TCP gentleness. Is this assumption correct? And does someone have other strategies for controlling an external track to limit acceleration and jerk? 

We are using a irb6400 on a 6004 track with RobotWare 6.07. 

Thanks in advance for any advice!

- jay