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Modify Position Not Updating External Axis

I really like the new Modify Position button on the RAID tab, Controller Section.  But I am having a problem with it not updating External axis values when it does.  Like if I have a Track in my station and I click the button.  It does not update the track value and it writes the 09x09 value in place of it.  Which means I have to go back and manual change the value.  Otherwise I get a error when I try and step to the updated position, saying No External axis value.


  • Sync to the station and modify the position there, when you sync back to the rapid it will update the track value.
  • Scott,
    Thanks again, but that defeats the whole purpose of having the Modify Position button in the RAPID tab.

  • Try enabling the external axis before you modify the robtarget.
  • Thanks Shell, but when you are using a track the track is always enabled as it defaults to Never disable in the configuration file.  Which I did not change.  So it should be enabled before I try and Modify the position.