Strange issues with Collision Error Handling in YuMi


I have been programming and using YuMi for some time now. In our application, we have a lot of tolleranced fits and I will like to detect too tight fits with collision error handling.
Collision error handling works alright, well almost! On the following occasions it seem to crash the RW:

1. When there is "joint collision", the pointer does not move into the collision error handler. 
2. When there is collision when the smart gripper is moving e.g. "g_JogIn", the pointer freezes. 
3. When there are multiple non motion commands after a move command prior to collision (or procedures calling other procedures), and in this case, the pointer exits the procedure before the collision occurs, the pointer finds it difficult to move up the procedure to handle the error. In this case another collision error handler in the higher procedure with just RETRY forces the pointer to move to the right routine. Without this higher procedure's collision error handler, the pointer is moved to main, right after collision. 

Has anyone experienced any of these issues? If so, what solutions have you implemented?