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Configuration of IRC5 as Profinet Master

Hi all!

I have faced a couple of troubles this week doing actually very common operation and I hope someone could give me an helping hand.
First at all I'll describe my experience till now. Here we go.

Goal and Equipment

I'm trying to configure my Robotcontroller as PROFINET-Master and basically my setup is as folows:
  • IRB 6620 with IRC5 and 888-2 Option (PN-Master/Slave)
  • RobotWare recently updated to the version
Slave-devices in my case should be as follows:
  1. SICK           FX0-GPNT + 5x8 DI and 5x4 DO   (GSDML-V2.1-SICK-FLEXISOFT-20111025)
  2. SIEMENS   RF180C                                          (GSDML-V2.2-SIEMENS-RF180C-20161212)
  3. SICK           UE4740                                          (GSDML-V2.25-SICK-UE4740-20121001)
  4. FESTO       VTSA Valve with CPX                    (GSDML-V2.31-Festo-CPX-20171206)
  5. SIEMENS   et200eco 8DI v7.0                          (GSDML-V2.32-siemens-et200eco-20180117)
  6. SIEMENS   et200eco 16DI v7.0                        (GSDML-V2.32-siemens-et200eco-20180117)
All GSDML files have most recent version (or the only one avaiable :D ). You can find them as ZIP in attachment.

What have i tried till now

"Lurking trough the internets" tells that there are several possible ways for configuring my controller as PN-Master. 
According to some application notes and manuals (such as 3HAC039906-001 Rev. D) to perform such configuration you need 3rd party software such as PROFINET-Configurator by KW-Software or PC WORX by Phoenix Contact (which actually schould be the same thing, but it isn't).
Since v6.05 of RobotWare it should be also possible to perform PN-Conffiguration even directly in RobotStudio. I've tried out all of them:

a) PROFINET-Configurator (by KW-Software)

PRO:          I can configure my devices with this tool and it works on controller.
CONTRA:   It only accepts GSML with verison <= v2.2. So I can only configure my 1st and 2nd device :neutral: 
                   There isn't and will never be any newer version - Company acquired by Phoenix 

b) PC Worx v6.30.1914 (by Phoenix Contact)

          Only this tool was able to parce all GSDML files
CONTRA:   Controller doesn't accept IPPNIO.xml generated this way.
I attached my PC WORX zipped Project as .ZWT if somebody could test it out.

c) I/O Configurator in Robotstudio v6.07.01

PRO:          I can configure my devices with this tool and it works on controller.
CONTRA:   It only accepts GSML with verison >= v2.3. So I can only configure my 4th 5th 6th device :neutral: 

The Problem

How am I supposed to configure my whole PROFINET-system in this situation?


a) Merge IPPNIOs (failed)

I tried to insert <AR><AR/> sections of the IPPNIO generated by Robotstudio and PN-Configurator, which are working separately, into each other.
Both has absolutely no effect. Robotstudio claims a corrupt PROFINET-Configuration File and cannot automatically add described devices.
I have no idea, which part of description could be wrong, if both parts are right forc each self. I can only assume some art of CRC-Check of IPPNIO.

b) Update GSDMLs (possible but have no access)

  • If only the GSDML files arnt using the most recent GSDML-Schema it should be possible to "upgrade them" by modifying XML-structure according to the last standard. Such way needs on the one hand a lot of time and on the other hand - access to the Profinet-specification (which arent open for some reason).
  • Another way to upgrade GSDML Files is this tool. Unfortunately I am not a member of PB/PN Commitee and cannot download it (but probably someone of you guys can?)


  • BertK
    I use the Software Config+ from Phoenix Contact and it was part of PC Worx.  It should be more or less the same as Profinet Configurator. Maybe this works for you... 
  • nikdimitry
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    BertK said:
    I use the Software Config+ from Phoenix Contact and it was part of PC Worx.  It should be more or less the same as Profinet Configurator. Maybe this works for you... 
    Colud you please tell me a bit more? Maybe you could post a your recent config?
    Compared to Profinet configurator i cannot parametrize anything here. Probably I took not the right one Master device... Which "master"-device do you use for parametrization?

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  • BertK


    I use KW-Software as a master... unfortunately I cant remember the reason :/

    I just remember  a lot of telephone calls with ABB and Phoenix Contact and this was the solution to get a working config.

  • BertK

  • nikdimitry
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    @BertK: May I ask you to make a IPPNIO.xml for my config? I am going to attach all necessary GSDMLs here as zip.
    I figured out, that Config+ requires additional licence and I dont have one :(
    I would like to configure my system as following(due to demo-mode I cannot even save this config):

    Thanks in Advance!
  • BertK


    @ nikdimitry, unfortunately not. I can't open the files with Config+

  • nikdimitry
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    @BertK: FDCML-data is generated by PC Worx Bus configurator when you import new Gsdml-file. Also possible with demo version
    Then you can import these FDCMLs into Config+. 
    The whole thing is kinda tricky... 
  • Shehab

    Can you please help me with this problem?

    I'm exactly trying to do the same thing as you. My setup is almost like yours:
    • IRB 4600 with IRC5 and 888-2 Option 
    • RobotWare  version
    In my case the slave device is Beckhoff (cx8093)  with GSDML-V2.33-beckhoff-TCPNCCATDevice-20170607. 

    I used the I/O configurator in RobotStudio to configure the slave device and that worked on the IRC5. I can see from RobotStudio that the Slave device is configured and running.

    My problem is when I set a digital output or input signal  in RobotStudio and assigned it to the configured slave device, I get error number  
    71362  (I/O signal mapped outside the I/O device data area). I attached screenshot of that error. 

    Do you  know if it is possible to change the Input and Output size data for the I/O device from RobotStudio? As you can see in the screenshot, the Output and input data area size for I/O device is 0 bits currently.

    Thanks in advance :)  



  • nikdimitry: What version of the PROFINET Configurator are you using? The version supplied with 6.07.01 (PROFINET Configurator 1.31.38 Express) shall work with all you GSDML files and you should be able to create a working configuration. KW Software changed its name to Phoenix Contact Software quite some time ago so I am suspecting that you may be using a very old tool. You can find the installer for the PROFINET Configurator on the RobotWare DVD. Furthermore, the integrated I/O Configurator of Robotstudio is under development and soon you should be able to import all you devices there too and create a valid configuration. :smile: 
    Also don't use PC Worx (It has been removed in the manual) for configuration. It has not worked correctly with the IRC5 for a long time... 

    @Shehab : I have no experience with this particular PROFINET device, but it seems that you have not configured any modules on your device, just the head module. You need to plug in modules on the device and in the configuration in order to have IO signals. Please double check you config. 

    Best regards,

  • I know this thread is quite old but I am having a similar issue trying to create a PROFINET configuration. I am using the Config+ software but don't appear to have the device library for KW-Software and I need to use the Generic PROFINET IO device for my configuration to work. Does anyone know where I can get this GSD file from?