VC runs, but S4_OP_STATE: Interface Down


I have a strange problem in RS 4.0 (Build 2461) since the last security update on my pc. I can start the virtual controller and it runs well. I can start the Teach Pendant everythings seems fine. But in RS the start window is still open and in the Log the message "S4_OP_STATE: Interface Down" is displayed.

I also have disabled the firewall and reinstall the RS, but still the same.

Do you have any solution?



  • Hi
    Seams like it's a problem with interlink.
    Do you have any WebWare products installed???
    If Not
    Check that interlink.exe is running in the task manager.
    If not try to start it by running interlinkMonitor.exe ,which you can find in c:program filescommon filesABB AutomationInterlink
    ,the firewall may popup a window where you have to unblock interlink communication.

    If you have WebWare products installed run the DCOM security setting setup found on the WebWare CD.

    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering
  • thank you for your answer. the webware sdk config combined with rs was the problem. (sometime you can't see the trees in the wood).image

    the solution to run RobotStudio, QuickTeach or ProgramMaker on the same computer as WebWare SDK.

    1.      Log in with local administrator rights.

    2.      Close all applications except Windows.

    3.      Install RobotStudio, QuickTeach or ProgramMaker.

    4.      Install WebWare SDK.

    Please follow steps 5 and 6 to configure Interlink as an Out-Of-Process Server.

    5.      Start the "Command Prompt" (Start-Menu ? Run. ? write cmd ? press "OK").

    6.      Enter the following text in the Command Prompt window :
    cd program files/common files/abb automation/interlink
    interlink -unregserver
    interlink -regserver

    7.      Now you should be able to run WebWare and RobotStudio, QuickTeach or ProgramMaker on the same computer.


  • Hi
    Good that you found the solution.
    I'm still supprised that Windows Update messed it up for you.
    Because this problem only appears if you install WebWare Server or WebWare SDK before RS because by default the installation program for the WebWare products register interlink as a service and not as a out of process server which RS doesn't.

    Per Svensson
    Robotics and Vision Specialist
    Consat Engineering