Add-In Packaging Tool command line -> not compatible with real controller?


As a partner/value provider we have been using add-in packaging tool to distribute our system software.  The APT command line utility feature is very interesting for us and would help to save time in our project workflow.

I have gotten the command line utility to work with a couple caveats:
  • attribute '-projectfile' must be '-projectfilename', this does not match the documentation
  • the build would not work if '-timestampurl' is not specified
Once we got around those issues the build now completes as expected, and works on virtual controllers, but we get a not so specific error message when trying to install on a real controller:

Am I doing something incorrectly or could this be a defect of the APT command line tool?



  • DanSDanS ✭✭
    Is there anyone out there that has successfully used this tool?  Maybe someone at ABB could post an example of its usage?
  • ttuckttuck USA
    We desperately need a way to automate the Addin Packaging Tools in order implement Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment software development.  Currently, we have automation scripts to build, test, and deploy our software based on ABB Robot Studio and Robotware but the Addin Packaging Tool requires human intervention.  The "human in the loop" problem breaks all ability to implement Continuous Integration and Deployment as one would expect in a modern software engineering organization.

    First, we need the APTCommandLine tool to be correctly documented.  The documentation is erroneous as Dirka3 points out.  The doc have no examples.  We had to go through lots of trial and error to figure out how the parameters should be passed.  For example, we started by specifying parameters as follows: -projectfile MyProject.rpkproj and kept trying until we figured out it should be -projectfilename:MyProject.rpkproj.  

    Second, APTCommandLine must support both virtual controllers and real controllers.  It does us no good to implement CI/CD for packages that only work on virtual controllers.

    We are pleading for help here.

  • Liam_ABBLiam_ABB Sweden admin
    Hi ttuck,

    For assistance with these issues, I recommend for you to please contact your local ABB to create a support ticket, this will then be sent to R&D who will fix any issues with the software and documentation. Your local ABB will inform you when the issue is resolved or will contact you if any further information from you is required for the investigation.

    Contact information for your local ABB can be found at

    Best regards,
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