RobotStudio event

The selected file is not a Pack & Go file! Error

I have an end user who is getting the following error whenever they try to open ANY Pack & Go, even one's they've created themselves. This is occurring in 6.07.01 and 6.06.01 SP1

The selected file is not a Pack & Go file!

Troubleshooting steps we've already tried:
  • Running RS as an admin
  • Re-installing RS
  • Renaming the pack & go to a .zip and opening with ZIP tool to make sure it isn't corrupt
Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. There's nothing in the RS output window, Event Viewer, or Windows logs that indicate an error with any of the frameworks that RobotStudio requires.


  • In case anyone stumbles upon this, in our case a 3rd party security software was causing the error. Specifically Reason Core Security software. Once uninstalled the Pack & Go files opened just fine.  
  • For anyone currently getting this error - we had this happening recently and it turned out to be the fact that we were storing the CAD data for the station in the Robotstudio solution file folder structure. Store your CAD data outside of the Robotstudio solution directory.