RS Add-in memory consumption

chmalan Switzerland

Hi all,

I create a lot of target by a RS add-in. it works fine, but the memory consumption is very high and RS will free it only on exit.

I destroy every object at the end of the functions and i can't see it in the watchlist. After two complete calculated parts RS needs about 1 GB RAM or more. 

Is there a function the free up the memory without closing RS?



  • PerSvensson
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    What happens if you set no of undo steps to 0?
    menu toolsoptions and the misc tab.
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  • chmalan
    chmalan Switzerland


    I set the no of undo steps to 0 and make a few tests. During calculating RS requires more RAM until 1.6 GB physical memory is allocated and then the following error occures:image

    RS have to free up the memory and destroy the objects they aren't required no more.

    Is there any function to force RS to do that?