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abdou22 Germany
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Hello everyone,

in my project, a component should be picked up and moved to another location with a YuMi robot.
First, YuMi should photograph the component so that he can identify it in the pick-and-place program and then record it (the camera is on the left arm of the robot - on a moving part of the robot).
I did the image processing, but I have no idea what the program looks like and what to do now.
What about the camera position, where should I save it?
In short: The left arm should photograph the component and the right arm should pick it up and move it to another position.

thank you very much in advance


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    Hi @abdou22.
    Probably you already reach your aim, otherwise I can suggest you to use the example in the code snippet of the integrated vision (move to detected object)
    It will be someting like that: 
    1. Build up your job and do the calibration.
    2. Move the left arm in the photo position.
    3. After that, execute the rapid program (like in the snippet), in the task of the right arm.
    4. Move away the left arm.
    5. Pick your object with the right arm.
    Hoping this helps, U.