A few helpful PCSDK example programs for beginners

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Hello everyone!

I have been learning the PC SDK for the past few weeks and thought I could share some of the programs I wrote here for anyone who is interested.

In the .zip-file attached to this post you will find four different examples:

NetworkWatcher Example
In this simple program I show how you can use the NetworkWatcher class to discover controllers on the network. It can be a complement to the NetworkScanner class as it will dynamically update with controllers as they are discovered on the network. So if you for example pull your network cable and then reconnect it the controllers will automatically be rediscovered!

GuidScan Example
In this example I show how you can save already discovered controllers by their so called Guid. These unique identifiers can then be used to connect to the controllers straight away without having to scan the entire network with the NetworkScanner class.

DeviceManager Example
Here I show how the DeviceManager class can be used to access the device tree of the controller. It is useful to get information about the hardware devices of the controller. It is the same device information you would find in RobotStudio.

ControllerBackup Example
In this program I show how you can pull a backup from a controller and save it on your local computer.To do this you initiate a backup on the controller, save it remotely and then copy it over to your local computer.

I hope these simple examples may prove useful to anyone wanting to learn about PC SDK development!

Adam Gustavsson
PC Software Support Engineer


  • Sverrir
    Thank you very much for taking the time to do these demos, the NetworkWatcher is definitely something I will be using and saves me the work of rolling out one on my own.  :) 

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    Thank you very much @AdamSG