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Robotstudio Installation Error - Code1317

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I try to install Robotstudio 6.07.01 SP1. But I get the following Error code 1317.

(The Software is installed with all administrator privileges)


  • Hi,

    Permissions or user profile issues can cause this issue.  
    If Windows Defender thinks the installer is unfriendly it may prevent the creation of files and folders.

    First, check to see if Windows Defender is preventing the creation of the folder. Open Windows Defender Security Center and navigate to the following:

    1. Click Virus & threat protection
    2. Click Virus & threat protection settings.
    3. Scroll down to Controlled folder access and temporarily switch to the OFF position. 
    4. Try the installation again. 

     If the Error 1317 still occurs try to create a new local admin user on your computer.


  • vikram6892
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    Hello Adnan,
    1. I mistakenly ran the MSI file instead of setup.exe.
    2. There were multiple instances of Bin folder in the file path. So I removed everything and installed the program. It works fine now.
    Btw, Thank you very much for your answer.