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Can I send information from a socket to an IRB-120?

I made a TCP/IP connection between RobotStudio and MatLab. I was able to send information between the two progrmas, but i want to know if it is possible to use the same program in an IRB-120 to send the same information to the robot to move it according to the information it receives.



  • You ought to be able to do that, just make sure that the real robot has the PC interface option.
    Lee Justice
  • let me check  if that works, thanks a lot. I'll tell you if it works.
  • Hello,
    According to me, the robot has the PC intarface option. When I run the program it doesn't give any error, but when I try to stablish the communication with MatLab, it doesn't work. Do you have any idea how can I stablish the connection to can send the information or why the communication doesn't work? 

    Thanks for your time!
  • The PC interface allows you to make the connection, but the software is not there to do what you want until you write it.  You would send position data to the robot and your rapid program (that you need to write) would have to access that data to move to where you need it to go.
    Lee Justice
  • I just made a RAPID program for the IRB-120 (the same one used in the simulation), then I run the program, the program stays waiting for the communication, after that, I run my program in MatLab to can stablish the connection to send the information, but it doesn't connect. I don't know if I mean :/