Use of Signal 7901 (ContactL)

Hello there,

I'm trying to use the Signal 7901 (As used for ContactL in TuneMaster) for other purposes.
Until today I thought that this signal would be MotorTorque - but this adpotion seems to be wrong.

Now I tried to figure out how to use this signal. I tried to use it with TestSignDefine and TestSignRead but it doesn't seem to work like I was expecting.

If I am correct, I have to define it like this:
TestSignDefine 9, 7901, ROB_L, 6, 0;

Assuming that the channel 9 is for Nm, the signal is 7901 for the Unit ROB_L axis 6 (and the highest sampling rate)

and if I try to read this signal I need to write:
value:= TestSignRead(9);

Is this correct?
The Documentation confuses me a bit....