ProgramPositionEventArgs problem in PC SDK.

YeonkyuJeongYeonkyuJeong Ref. Korea
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Hello eveybody!

I have ProgramPositionEventArgs Problem.

My development environment is,

OS : Windows 10
Develop Tool : Visual Studio 2015
ABBRobot : IRB 120
SDK version : RobotStudio 6.07 

My code is,

public event ChangePosition_Delegate CP_Delegate = null;
private event EventHandler<ProgramPositionEventArgs> progpos_events;

this.scanner = new NetworkScanner();
progpos_events = new EventHandler<ProgramPositionEventArgs>(this.PositionChangeEvent);

ControllerInfoCollection controllers = scanner.Controllers;


tRob = controller.Rapid.GetTask("T_ROB1");
tRob.ProgramPointerChanged += progpos_events;

public void PositionChangeEvent(object sender, ProgramPositionEventArgs _position)


What is the program problem,

ProgramPosition event continue to occur...

ABB Robot move not! but, don't stop event. 

Help me. please!


  • MickyMicky Germany ✭✭✭

    maybe you have to use the Invoke method, like as follows:

    public void PositionChangeEvent(object sender, ProgramPositionEventArgs _position)
                    if (this.InvokeRequired)
                        this.Invoke(new ProgramPositionEventHandler(PositionChangeEvent), sender, _position);

    Best regards

  • DeepakPDeepakP Netherlands
    edited October 2018
    It's not clear what issue you are facing. If you just want to process time/position whenever the program pointer changes, below would be a cleaner approach- 

    public delegate void ChangePosition_Delegate(string input);
    public class MonitorProgramPosition
        private Controller _robot;
        private ChangePosition_Delegate CP_Delegate = delegate (string input) { Console.WriteLine(input); };  // Just print input to console for testing
        // Event handler
        public void PositionChangeEvent(object sender, ProgramPositionEventArgs e)
        // Connect to controller and subscribe to event
        public MonitorProgramPosition(Guid robotGUID)
            _robot = new Controller(robotGUID);
            _robot.Rapid.GetTask("T_ROB1").ProgramPointerChanged += PositionChangeEvent;
        // Just keeps program open till any button is pressed
        public void Wait()
            _robot.Rapid.GetTask("T_ROB1").ProgramPointerChanged -= PositionChangeEvent;
    class Program
        static void Main(string[] args)
            var ppMonitor = new MonitorProgramPosition(Guid.Parse(<YourRobotGUID>));
  • YeonkyuJeongYeonkyuJeong Ref. Korea
    Thank you! Micky, DeepakP. I will try!
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